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Coach Handbags and Coach Replicas : Coach's traditional leather handbags are known for their classic style, durability and buttery leather. But Coach now is offering a large variety of fashionable styles and materials, such as canvas, straw, fabric, and silk, for its handbags and accessories. Coach is one of the fastest producing manufacturers of handbags producing new products every month such as its recently introduced satin evening bags and the whimsical and colorful Scribble design of its "doubleC" signature in bright orange, chartreuse, red, blue and gold. Coach describes its products as accessible luxury, meaning they are not totally out of reach for consumers with moderate incomes who are willing to splurge. Coach handbags range from $128.00 to just under $500.00 but most choices are in the price range of $225.00 and $375.00. A boxy canvas tote with a python trim and a silk and satin lining is $700.00.

Coach has reached its goal and has been able to define the handbag as a real status symbol in today’s fashion market and a defining product for women. Japan is a huge market for the Coach handbag and goods line.

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