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Registered: Jul 2015
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A brand to continue to grow post #1  quote:

As China's flooring industry leader, macro-resistant floor always adhere to the concept of innovation in recent years, is implemented to young consumers as the main floor and Constellation youth fashion floor, the floor session whipped up a strong whirlwind fashion, impact on a new generation of consumer choice, making it irreversible new consumer trends, received wide acclaim market! We believe that wood deck fasteners salethe benefits of macro-resistant fashion publishing activities, will usher in a new wave of consumer boom. Therefore, floor dealers to establish a network of sales channels need to focus on interaction with the user. In today's Internet is like an irresistible trend of industry background, to the advantage flooring enterprises must dig out the depth of the Internet.

[Tang Yuanming]: Now the entire county economy is developing very fast, especially in the past two years, the county auto sales are very large. A wide variety of urban construction, new rural construction, has become a very big piece of the market, and now also very strong purchasing power in rural areas. Therefore, we not only focus on a second-tier cities, but also pay attention to three or four lines and county-level cities, to fight in the east to cover all county-level cities, provinces in East China other than to have to fight this year or next year, all prefecture-level cities both to be full coverage. [Sohu focus home: Sohu focus of home coverage for the exhibition theme is "way of the future," the channel floor business you think should go in which direction to develop? [Tang Yuanming]: now most brands or in specialty stores in the form of building materials market and occupy a large proportion; there are very few brands to the main electricity supplier; there is a small part, may focus on the fine decoration and engineering channels, but mainly in the auto agency based

. A brand to continue to grow, it must multi-channel operations, in addition to the traditional distributors to join us outside the engineering business with well-known real estate companies to cooperate, the most representative is to work with Greentown, many project uses Moganshan floor. The next two years, we will share in the engineering business is growing, you may want to account for about 20% to 30%; In addition,basement wall panels diy we are very concerned about the development of the electricity supplier, Mogan floor of Lynx flagship store soon To appeared. Since there is this market that will be very good. [Sam]: do any one product, positioning the product is not the same, we are mainly located in the high-end crowd, mainly to solid wood, wood from the collection of raw materials as we start, mainly from Russia, Teak, including oak, ash, from the harvesting, processing up to the sale, our company is one of the whole, in the raw material supply and quality are very stable, our company in this one is very advantageous.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Music > A brand to continue to grow
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