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Corporate image crisis part of the floor trap post #1  quote:

Recently, with the flooring industry frequently exposed quality door event, which there are many industry "heavyweights" who turns "in the gun", which to some extent affected the flooring company's image, in the face of the consumer and the market, they also difficult "cross", where major flooring company can not touch it? Flooring products are "disastrous." Product quality determines the flooring business sales and performance, corporate image crisis, "the shortest board." Product quality is the risk areas in 2013 corporate image crisis of the most high. During the year, the event of large hazardous products and counterfeit products surged.wood product kuala lumpur Among them, the "poison floor", "substandard products" such event has aroused strong repercussions in the community. "False" has become a corporate image crisis floor high-frequency words, the product "false" phenomenon is particularly serious. Product counterfeiting, can lead to consumer concerns and dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, the "fraud" phenomenon has spread from the "objects" to other risk areas, "city", "tube", "people" have different levels of risk areas "false" phenomenon, a business image ills, seriously damage the credibility of the flooring business. Market operators need reasonable control Market risk factors of the most complicated operations. The process of market operators, consumers and enterprises need to face the media, it can easily be exposed image crisis. Meanwhile, the battle between the flooring business fierce, resulting in market risk factors complicated operations. Market operation and frequency of risk this year the largest number of risk factors increase the risk of the domain. Operational risk domain market new risk factors are: the trademark ownership disputes, contract disputes, "price war", "black PR" and price gouging. Among them, especially in the "price war", "black PR" and the price of the most serious fraud. Vicious competition between enterprises intensified, but often not worth the candle. Enterprise vicious competition risk factors include "war of words", "price war", "black PR" three.

Social responsibility should bear in good faith in the face of social need Flooring company in the pursuit of economic efficiency at the same time, the government should bear the responsibility, stakeholder responsibility, consumer responsibility, and the responsibility of society, resources and environment, safety and maintenance of employee benefits, consumer protection, support for public welfare undertakings, which are collectively referred floor corporate social responsibility.lattice decking and fence Multiple social responsibility is a corporate image crisis "highly sensitive area", slight negligence, once reported to cause serious image crisis. When companies fail to fulfill their social responsibility, but also lead to a series of social crises, such as the question of trust, public safety. With the development of market economy, corporate affairs and activities range boundary in expanding the scope of the attendant risks and the crisis is widening.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Music > Corporate image crisis part of the floor trap
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