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Registered: Jul 2015
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Enjoying the world rely on hard flooring business post #1  quote:

Recently, according to the market research report home store learned, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Nanjing and other 16 cities in 52 stores, including some local stores and national chain stores, store vacancy rate is gradually began to improve recently , part of Changsha reporter also conducted a survey of home stores, some local home stores withdraw shop vacancy situation is more serious. This relies on Store sales floor at home businesses is Eco Outdoor Floorundoubtedly a big challenge. Home store vacancy rate increased traffic scarce Another local veteran reporter at the home store to see, there are a few floor business space is being renovated. A home run wood flooring business users, said: "The first half of this year to replace the many dealers, now empty shops basically poor location." According to the reporter visited the survey, each household stores in Changsha, part Small local stores, higher vacancy rates, up nearly 30%.

Reporters found that many brands are doing special promotions, a furniture brand slogan "12,800 yuan two bedrooms and two living" promotional banners to attract consumers, but there is little consultation or shopping malls. "Brand survival of the fittest is normal, but now the overall market conditions are not good, so the vacant severe than in the past." Faced with vacant home market in Changsha, Changsha, a flooring brand is responsible for that, in addition to a number of floors, brand management is not good outside, some stores do not want to drop rents, are another cause of the withdrawal of the store empty. In this regard,mirror fence ireland-Seventrust Companythe president of Changsha City Building Decoration Industry Association opened Shen Bao said large home stores stronger,marketing activities will be more, so under a falling market can still maintain good performance, and the difficulties currently faced by small and medium sized home store will greater. Flooring and other home business is difficult to rely on the "shopkeeper" walking dead Present throughout Hunan home store vacancy rate is estimated at 15% -20%. Behind this is not only true of vacant, also part of the store lease site marketing tool. But there is no doubt that small and medium stores, relatively poor planning format stores, the vacancy rate is relatively high.

With the enhancement of consumer consumer goods, and the floor is also the pursuit of high-end consumer brand, the store is relatively weak, the vacancy rate increased survival of the fittest is the natural market. Now, some flooring brand itself is not high-end products, we will seek to enter the opposite end of the market, with the price difference to attract consumers. At the same time, just to be on the floor ordinary consumers, the possibility of decomposition of thewpc panels in romania
market is larger. Large national chain stores to the 23 market expansion, the diversion of secondary and tertiary markets customers. The strength of dealers are walking the path of channel marketing, the consumer terminal directly to the cell, REF. In addition, although the way online shopping floor, because of its logistics and after-sale problems suffered criticism, but still can not stop online shopping boom to consumers diversion. It can be said shopkeeper home industry has gone era. As technology network technology in the home industry applications, on-site service, custom service, personal consumption has been more convenient way.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Music > Enjoying the world rely on hard flooring business
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