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Arrow Time travel experiances. post #1  quote:

Yes I am new to the forum but I have somethings to get off my chest. After listening to the audio book by Stephen Hawking A briefer history of time. I felt inspired to share my stories of my own time travel experiences. I usually don't tell anyone these stories that happened to me, so I wont be called crazy, but here goes anyways.

First off I have to say many times I have felt a slightly more exaggerated of either time going by faster to slower. This is really a common experience for people, and they normally just write it off as just a either losing track of time in the instance of "time flying" or either a long day at work seeming to be drawn out because of not wanting to be there. However both of these things have been happening to me on and off my whole life.
And most of the times that it happens its not always the case. Sometimes I guess you could call me lucky. But sometimes when I am having fun it seems like time is going on forever. Sometimes time seems to be flying by and I can't seem to find enough time in the day to do all the work I need to get done.

Either way I am sure sometimes it can be just written off as one of the more common occurrences. But, keep in mind I am a very strict on myself about keeping track of time just so I am not late for things. I set timers on my phone's alarm to keep me on schedule. Maybe because of my experiences. Either way these instances only touch upon what other more definite experiences I have had.

The first time I was 8 or 9 years old. My family and myself were visiting some friends of the family, and they were putting us up for the night. It was time for bed, and the kids we made to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. I was one of them. I wasn't ready to sleep, and how could I with all the grown ups running around getting everything and everyone ready to go to bed. So while I waited for things to calm down I watched the activity going on around me.

While i was watching suddenly everything slowed down drastically. Everyone who was speaking were talking in deep voices and everything was in slow motion. This was very scary for me, and no one seemed to notice. I was simply an observer. Maybe because I was being still for some odd reason I was able to see time slow down. This went on for about 5 minutes. Then just as suddenly everyone sped up. Everyone was walking around extremely fast, and talking like chip munks! This made me feel very nauseous. It went on for about 2 or 3 minutes, then finally slowly slowed down to the normal speed. I then spent the rest of the time before falling asleep fighting vomiting. Perhaps some sort of motion type of sickness? I am unsure.

Then the 2nd experience I had was in 2001. My now husband was a truck driver, and we traveled all over the country together while he worked. While we were on a trip we were trying to get a load delivered and the trip was very long. I was, and so was my husband were very anxious to get there. I was constantly staring at the clock on the dashboard, and eagerly reading every road sign that went by trying to find an indication on how many more miles we had to go to get to our destination. I don't remember the exact number of miles it said on the sign or the towns name. But I do remember it was a little over 50 miles we traveled in 3 minutes.

I had just looked at the clock, I then looked out and I saw a sign. I read it thinking OMG 375 miles to X town and thats not even 1/2 way. Time felt like it was dragging by at that moment. Then I was watching the clock the whole time and 3 minutes later we come across another large sign that said 325 miles to X town. I then looked at the clock again because I was thinking OMG this isn't right. Then looked at the sign again as i whizzed by.

Rereading it over and over until we completely passed it. I just remember thinking OMG OMG OMG what just happened? I asked my husband and he agreed to reading the same thing and looking at the clock, because I was announcing the road sign and the time as the signs went by. He has also read the sign and the clock himself. I asked him if he noticed anything strange about it, and he said, yeah, we just went 50 miles in 3 minutes.

We were so shocked we had to pull over at the next rest area to contemplate what had just happened. We were shocked and excited all at the same time to have been able to experience such a rare event.

I swear that everything I am saying is the truth. And I would be happy to take a lie detector test to prove I am not lying. Either way for those who have had similar experiences I hope this helps you to realize, that these things do happen, and you are not alone, and you are not crazy.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Geeta G.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Unexplained Phenomena & Conspiracy > Time travel experiances.
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