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White Tiger
Trust Me

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The English Traveller Crisis. post #1  quote:

England, for the past few years, has been hit with a plague of Travellers.

Travellers are people who go around the country in Caravans and mobile-homes and never work or contribute to society. When they arrive in a city or town they set up an illegal camp by braking into public field or beuty spots and stay for weeks on end. You can garentee that when they leave a site there will be piles of rubbish and discarded gas cans and all sorts of thing that have just been left.

My problem with them is this:

1. They always have the top of the range Carvans and Mobile-homes. These Caravans and Mobile-home are expensive, some times thousands of pounds. Would it kill them to pay 20-50 pounds to stay in a hoilday park?

2. The rubbish they leave behind is ridiculas. The local councils have to pay thousand of pounds to have it removes. Money they could be using to fund local progects or schools or any else.

3. To have these people evicted you have to take them to court. Travellers travel in pack and it can cost thousands of pounds to evict them. Not only that but the Travellers have the upper hand in court because they are a minority race and you cant discriminate against them.

Now the main thing that has annoyed me today is a story in the paper about the Largest traveller encampment in Europe nebouring a town called Crays Hill in Essex. The Encampment is a govenmentaly approved site but it has been getting bigger and bigger as time progresses, sometimes into nebouring fields that are privetly owns or belong to the council. The travellers now outnumber the villagers.

The travellers are very antisocial and if they didn't live in Caravans and Mobile-homes then they would have govenment orders against them. They throw Human feaces onto the local streets, throw rubbish around and try to intimidate the villagers.

Now they travellers at the encampment near Crays Hill have recently attempted to buy nebouring feilds, something that would cost around 54 thousand pounds.

Now my argument here is that the traveller, because they were never in one place for long, didn't have to pay Tax and lived off of benifits. These Travellers are residents. They have lived at this site for five years. They are no longer moving around so they should pay Tax, it is not like they dont have the money for it.

I recon they would all leave as soon as the govenment tried to Tax them.

What I found ridiculas was that a spokesperson for the travellers said that she had over 2000 names on a petition supporting them against the villages who are trying to remove some of the illegal Travellers.

If you think that their are at least 1000 cravans on the site that means 1000 drivers. Then add the families of those drivers and you can easily get over 2000. So these names are the Travellers not people who actually sympathise with them.

Regardless of my standpoint this is a problem in England and it needs to be sorted, however the Labor Government only seems interested in accomadating these people who do nothing for comunities except lower their living environment and the local houses value when they should be trying to sort the problem.

Old Post 08-13-2006 02:03 PM
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post #2  quote:

"I (&#*in' hate Pikeys"

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flying panda

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post #3  quote:

I live in one of those dos dair campervans ... and i wont have a bad word spoken about use ... if you do ill througyh stuff at you and put garbage in your drive

Only joking, i agree with ivery word in your post White Tiger

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Politics & Government > Law > The English Traveller Crisis.
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