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laying a floor with a decade or two post #1  quote:

Overall, the level of consumption or social groups to improve, whether the property market is what kind of situation, laying a floor with a decade or two, this is no problem. The key is to allow consumers the quality and beautiful green home! As the Internet, a search will be able to come out. Electricity supplier Why not consider this? First, we are not the whole layout of the country, this first point, this can not go bragging; then there is a floor I think still have to kind of see the color, to see something live, because photos have color; Another point, if we do a lot of boilerplate, the floor will be increased costs, cheaps ways to update patio ideasand shops must require a favorable price, in this case, but virtually get the price high. Therefore, we want to boost the service, then there are other channels to arrange the next step. Premature to arrange, will bring their own problems, it will give customers the inconvenience. I think this is not just me, it could be a lot of big brands are doing. [Sohu focus home: floor exhibition eve Professor Gao Zhihua propose a topic - After three years of development prospects of Chinese flooring industry. Three years later, the flooring industry channels will not have seen dramatic change?

[Liu Shuo true]: My personal view, flooring industry must be home to the direction of the overall development. In the process of steady development in the flooring industry, these big brands how to expand a number of diversified one-stop service, which is the future of the channel change will occur. The key is in the process of doing, to see who could successfully convert the runway, set up a counseling from start to finish, design, consulting, services, etc., which is a very big project. Essence of "shock" the full advantage of the good of the Internet era, not simply blindly follow. In pervasive online community, flooring companies to pay attention to it only truly, to achieve the desired development results. 2013 by Shanghai exhibition floor, as well as our own efforts, to join Mogan floor reached more than 150 members. We already have more than 500 stores in the country, the network in east China is also more dense. This year, we want to achieve Mogan new franchisees reach 200 or more, and for two to three years to achieve the target of 1000, in every corner of the country can see Mogan figure.

[Sohu focus home: inside these newly opened stores, how many are concentrated in the four-tier cities? After the addition of the domestic market, it will have some far-reaching impact, first, because we do export for 20 years, our R & D team, including our production base, including our equipment, this piece of wood is always in three in the world size also advanced. Second, the way of the future withdeck veneer in Glendive 80 now becoming the main consumer, the next electricity supplier online sales and offline sales should be combined, you might go customization. [Xue Bin]: Jinqiao floor every year to participate in Hannover, Germany and Shanghai this event. This year we participated in the exhibition, brought some new domestic product, largely because we Jinqiao floor this year's market strategy an adjustment for the adjustment of the export ratio to 50-50, so the show saw a change , added a lot of products for the country.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Music > laying a floor with a decade or two
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