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Dell Vostro computers 260/260S and 460 contrast post #1  quote:

The Dell Vostro series of business computers, this computer target audience is small and medium enterprises and SOHO owners. The Vostro business computers is a new concept, is a growth-oriented company's products, services and expertise and resources dedicated to helping customers manage and simplify IT, allowing customers to focus on core business success.

The Dell Vostro series while commercial computer also has four characteristics, for SMEs to achieve a more intangible value. For example, to help businesses cut costs, make data storage security better, a guarantee of the computer itself quality, and service carefree guarantee. The Dell Vostro series of course also be divided into many commercial computer series, the most suitable for SMEs is Vostro 260 / 260s and Vostro 460.

From the name, The Dell Vostro 260 with the standard model and Vostro 260s with the ultra-thin models. The Dell Vostro 260 / 260s users located in: the number of employees is less than 100 SMEs customers, there is no specific or full-time IT staff, mainly in daily use computer graphic processing, financial software and office automation.

The target user has the same feature: a limited budget, want to buy the cost ? effective of the machine; have certain requirements for data security; high quality requirements of the product, the more reliance on service products.
If you have a Vostro 260 Desktop, you can download all the drivers from here: Dell Vostro 260 Drivers Download.
And if you use a Vostro 260s Desktop on your business, I think you also can upgrade your drivers from here: Dell Vostro 260s drivers download.

In contrast, the Dell Vostro 460 only offers the standard models, the target user location at no full-time IT staff, at the same time had a very high value for the latest technology of the future. Such as data mining, financial modeling, and use a lot of processor users, video editing / Web development (such as commercial artist) as well as cost-conscious graphic design freelancers and so on.

The target users has the same characteristics: seeking the latest technology with the affordable business desktops to improve efficiency; hope to be able to meet growing business requirements; no IT staff of small businesses, but could not afford the cost of downtime, the need for reliable service and IT support.

Features: The Dell Vostro 260 / 260s performance with strong commercial computer support, built-in multi-protection software and hardware, and professional services allow users to feel peace of mind while allowing companies to reduce IT maintenance costs.
In addition to the above features, The Dell Vostro 260 / 260s compared with the previous generation of commercial computer products, the biggest change is use Intel's latest Sandy Bridge platform, stable, efficient and fully meet the needs of daily work performance dramatically, Excel running speed increased by 2 times.

Also because they have a built-in graphics core Intel CPU technology, so The Dell Vostro 260 / 260s commercial computer with SNB platform without a separate video card you can enjoy excellent audio and visual effects; and it more emphasis on multimedia applications, chassis comes with a card reader, and HDMI interface supports multi-monitor output.

The Dell Vostro 460 business computers have multitasking capabilities; by virtue of the second-generation Intel Core processor dedicated desktop plus 4GB of memory capacity (up to 16G of memory), allowing users to feel a sense of fun when graphics processing.

So if you now using the Vostro 460 and want to upgrade the windows system, I think you may need to reinstall some drivers, you can download it from here: Dell Vostro 460 drivers download.

Addition the chassis inside avoid demolition design, allows the users to upgrade or repair no need to prepare a professional removal tool.

Of course, you have a Dell Vostro 460 business computers can enjoy the Dell Support Center application; after Remote Diagnosis NBD; online backup services, etc. will allow you to remove the process of using a variety of concerns.

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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Computers & Internet > Dell Vostro computers 260/260S and 460 contrast
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