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2012 -Hear Me Out, Not Your Typical Theory- post #1  quote:

So, I entered into one of my sessions the other night, it's been to long since my last session. While in, I pieced together, what I believe, may be a slight 'cover-up' and/or a project currently being carried-out under the wraps between our own government or in more detail, NASA and British-Billionaire 'Sir. Richard Branson' best known for his entrepreneur like-tactics, many wealthy stocks in place, different merchandise, but best known for founding, and owning his own mobile & airline in that of "Virgin".

Carrying on, into my theory, with that background knowledge and/or insight in place:

More recently some of us may have heard about 'SpaceShipTwo' which is a project that has been in production through NASA's great minds and Branson's funding. More recently, the project has been completed, the photo's of the 'SpaceShipTwo' have been released, & tickets are now being sold to the higher-class, for $200,000 a ride, which gets you into space & 5min. of weightlessness.

Is this project really complete? Is it the real commercial spacecraft? Or, is it a getaway to another planet?

Maybe, the project is just on it's way, an far from complete. We all know, Branson is a billionaire & we all know NASA has been losing funds for projects, due to the lack of production and progress, since we sent the first set of Americans on the moon. NASA has not been getting the generous funds it once did, then again, when was the last time you heard NASA did anything worth really, really, mentioning, like sending a man to the moon? It's been since the 1970's. So it makes sense we don't fund them like we once did.

But can NASA be planning something with Branson, that even goes beyond the governments knowledge? Has NASA not produced great material in the past few years, due to all the study put forth into one specific topic. A topic, NASA has been trying to unscramble & complete since 2000... finding living organisms on another planet, more-so, Mars. If they find living organisms on Mars, that means the planets conditions allow for life. It gives us the facts we need, it tells us, something can & has been born on Mars, something can & has evolved on Mars, something can & has grown and lived & lastly, died... on Mars. All the same things we have done as human-beings. If we find a living organism, then there's got to be resources that kept that organism alive, most importantly, water, or some other form of liquid we can survive on.

So, why so much study and research put into this 'Living On Mars' theory? Why loose funding over it, when your not getting strong enough results? Why put so much thought into something, if you knew "Hell, even if we could live on Mars, we wouldn't need to for hundreds of thousands of years..." or, does NASA, who has the most technologically advanced scientists & materials, know something we don't that will occur, or may occur, with high-chances or high-enough-chances that we actually may need to 'know' if we can 'live' on Mars or not, because we may need to 'live' on Mars sooner then we think?

So, with loss of funds, close to pointless overdone studies on one specific topic, where do we go? To 'Sir Richard Branson, British-Billionaire! Let him in on the scoop of what we may be encountering in 2 years, guarantee him a first-ticket out of here when it does, if, only, if... he funds the project. Private funding, is money you can use on ANYTHING, an if the government isn't allowing you to do something, you get private funding, an do it that way, Branson is that private funding.

So, now they create a commercial spaceship, it can take more people to space then any other spaceship. So, why release it in 2010? Testing! This thing has never been to space, so, they use citizens of any country, with $200,000 to test the first flights, not only do they get to test there new 'Escape Rocket' but they get to bank $200,000 in the process, an they already sold 200 seats... so, how's that for a bad-economy?

So, what happens if they send the first 'SpaceShipTwo' into space and it explodes on take-off, or in the air, or on the way back in the landing malfunctions, anything? Whatever could go wrong, they have 2 years, from 2010 to 2012, to fix. Any bugs, issues, problems, disasters they encounter from the first few lift-offs, can be fixed in 2-years. Heck, how many new cell-phones do you see coming out every week? Smaller, thinner, better picture, more functions, etc. Each new phone is a new upgrade that makes it betetr then the last, an the only way they can make it better, is by testing it, an us, as buyers of these phones, are the testers, an the feedback, we say whats wrong with the phone, or what it may need, or doesn't need, an we also say the problems we encountered with the phone to our friends, family, & makers of the phone, so, they release the iPhone 2nd Generation, an it tries to fix everything they heard was wrong with the first release.

Same goes for the "SpaceShipTwo". Economy booster & life-boat for 2012. It might not hurt to book a flight out of here for Dec. 2012...


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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Unexplained Phenomena & Conspiracy > 2012 -Hear Me Out, Not Your Typical Theory-
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