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2006 NFL Season Power Rankings post #1  quote:

From ESPN as of 6/22/05

Let's see how right they are, only time will tell.

This thread will be updated throughout the season so check back.

1 (2) Seahawks 13-3-0 Super Bowl losers have struggled in recent years, but the Hawks appear equipped for another run.

2 (6) Steelers 11-5-0 Obviously the injuries to Ben Roethlisberger weren't as serious as they could have been. But as much work as it sounded like he needed on his face, it's not going to be an easy road back.

3 (1) Colts 14-2-0 With the versatile Edgerrin James now in the desert, Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai have big shoes to fill.

4 (3) Broncos 13-3-0 Between Jay Cutler and Javon Walker, they've brought in their QB-WR tandem of the future.

5 (9) Panthers 11-5-0 There's some question about how Keyshawn Johnson and Steve Smith will get along. As much as both guys want the ball, they also want to win and the Panthers should do enough of that in '06 to keep both WRs happy.

6 (4) Patriots 10-6-0 Yes, the Pats lost some key players this offseason. But are you really ready to hand the AFC East to someone else with Brady and Belichick still at the wheel?

7 (16) Cowboys 9-7-0 Dallas' offseason was all about T.O. If Owens is the player he was in his first season in Philly (77 receptions for 1,200 yards and 14 TDs), Dallas could be very good.

8 (14) Dolphins 9-7-0 If Daunte Culpepper is as healthy as it sounds, the Dolphins got a steal in getting him for a second-round pick.

9 (8) Bengals 11-5-0 Tough offseason for the Bengals with all the off-the-field issues. On the field it's pretty simple -- Cincinnati's season rests on the health of Carson Palmer's left knee.

10 (12) Redskins 10-6-0 Will this offseason's free-agent spending spree be the one that finally pays off for the Redskins?

11 (10) Giants 11-5-0 A WR (Plaxico Burress) and his QB (Eli Manning) don't have to get along. That said, it'll be interesting to see how Burress responds the first few times he's open and Manning misses him.

12 (11) Jaguars 12-4-0 A little more production from the passing game and they could become serious contenders in the AFC.

13 (5) Bears 11-5-0 The Bears gave up only 12.6 points per game last season and the defense might have to be just as good this year if they want to go back to the playoffs.

14 (13) Chiefs 10-6-0 Larry Johnson is the real deal, but we're curious as to how that aging O-line will hold up.

15 (7) Buccaneers 11-5-0 Chris Simms was solid last year, but the Bucs will need a few more big plays from the passing attack in 2006.

16 (20) Ravens 6-10-0 If he can stay healthy Steve McNair will make the Ravens a better team. But that's a pretty big if.

17 (15) Chargers 9-7-0 A huge part of their success depends on how the offense flows through Philip Rivers.

18 (21) Eagles 6-10-0 With a healthy Donovan McNabb the Eagles should be right back in the mix in 2006. That said, it's hard to see them being as good as they were in 2004 without T.O.

19 (17) Vikings 9-7-0 Steve Hutchinson will obviously help the Vikings. But man, that was a lot of money (7 years and $49 million) to pay for an offensive guard.

20 (18) Falcons 8-8-0 We can't imagine that Michael Vick would be benched, but there will be calls for Matt Schaub if Vick continues to struggle.

21 (24) Cardinals 5-11-0 They had arguably the best offseason. Whether that translates to wins remains to be seen.

22 (22) Rams 6-10-0 Offensive guru Scott Linehan has even more talent to work with than he did in Minnesota and Miami.

23 (19) Browns 6-10-0 The Browns made some solid moves this offseason. Willie McGinest can still play and he's going to be huge in the locker room.

24 (26) Lions 5-11-0 One thing we're pretty sure you won't see Rod Marinelli doing this summer is riding a motorcycle onto the field at training camp.

25 (28) Raiders 4-12-0 Art Shell is clearly a natural fit, but he might have a harder time molding this clay into a winner.

26 (29) Packers 4-12-0 Having Brett Favre return is huge, but inking Ahman Green and Charles Woodson was just as significant.

27 (31) Saints 3-13-0 Sean Payton has made it pretty clear that he's going to get rid of guys who aren't buying into what he wants to do.

28 (23) Bills 5-11-0 Craig Nall, J.P. Losman or Kelly Holcomb? Well, they're going to have to pick one of them, right?

29 (25) Titans 4-12-0 Starting at quarterback, Billy Volek! Uh, let's see how long that lasts.

30 (32) Texans 2-14-0 OK, the NFL draft was almost two months ago, but we're still trying to grasp Mario Williams over Reggie Bush.

31 (27) Jets 4-12-0 Their biggest issue midway through last year remains a mystery heading into this season ? who?s going to start at quarterback? That?s definitely not an encouraging sign.

32 (30) 49ers 4-12-0 So Norv Turner is supposed to come in and rescue the offense? Good luck!


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INReview INReview > The Scuttlebutt Lounge > Sports & Recreation > NFL > 2006 NFL Team Power Rankings
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