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Job Reality vs Job Myth post #1  quote:

This article taken from and i feel surprise with the statement.

Myth: I graduated in English Literature, thus, I should seek employment in the teaching or literature-based industry! I am not going to be a sale executive selling jewelleries!

Reality: Nowadays, it is the norm that you will land a job which is quite different from the degree you specialized in. The trick here is not to be too choosy or picky. Employers are always complaining that fresh grads nowadays are too choosy about the jobs that they will have to accept. What they don?t realize is that everyone will have to work their way from bottom to up. It is through hard work and determination that one can climb up the corporate level.

Myth: I major in engineering. My job in the engineering field at entry level should be at least 3,000.

Reality: The current pay for any field for a fresh grad is always changing and very much depends on the economic climate. The job market always wanes and wanes, not to mention the oversupply from universities in some professions. Currently, it is the employer?s market.

Myth: I am now starting my first job as a junior accountant. So, filling up the papers for the fax machine, making calls and booking appointments for my boss is NOT required of me. It is not in my job description to do all of those!

Reality: Multi tasking is one trait fresh grad will have to grasp quickly in order to survive in the working realm. Every employer will value an employee who has the ability to multi task as it shows that you have the initiative and is serious about your job. An employee who can multi task will often get far.

Myth: I have graduated! I am now a degree holder! Every employer will want me to work for them!

Reality: Graduated doesn?t guarantee you a job nowadays. Employers are looking not only for a piece of degree but, working experience as the hassle of training a fresh grad is costly and time consuming. So, for your first job, be prepared to get a lower salary than you expected. Perform your best, impress your boss, and you will have a bigger paycheck. It always works this way.

Myth: I found a job which required the degree I specialized in. So, why do they deem me as not suitable for the job?

Reality: Fresh grads nowadays need to brush up their communication skill, time management skill and languages, especially English. Annie Fernandez, CEO, EML-BMB once said ?? Brush up on your English, because the medium of communication in the business world is still English, no matter what company you work in.?? Foreign languages is always an added advantage. For people skills, you will need to read up a lot of self-help books to polish this skill. Attend seminars or take up special classes to polish on different skills to make yourself a valuable job seeker.

Myth: All jobs should be a 9-5 job. My working environment should be comfortable and all my co-workers should be nice and friendly.

Reality: Ideally, it should be like that of above. But, the working world nowadays have change so rapidly. Overtimes are required, deadlines have to be met and your co-workers want that promotion as much as you do, thus, it has the ability to turn nasty. So, it is vital that one should be wise and do not trust everyone that easily and on top of it all, maintain a sense of professionalism. In the working world, one must always maintain control of one?s temper and emotions (unlike during schooldays) you are required to get along well with the others, in other words, to be a team player.

Myth: I have acquired all the skills needed for the job. So, I don?t need to take anyone?s advice on what to do. I don?t need to learn more because I already know everything.

Reality: This attitude can be the most damaging to one?s career. It shows your low mentality, and you refuse to accept constructive criticism, thus, your learning process is ?freeze?. You can?t move on to a better level because of this negative attitude. It is advisable to make decisions fast and accurate but, always see your boss as your mentor. Seeking his/her advice is a form of respect and willing to acknowledge your mistakes that he/she pointed out is going to get you far. The key here is having respect for your boss?s judgement and experience. Bear in mind that no one will know EVERYTHING. Having confidence is a good thing but no employer will ever promote an arrogant employee.

Do you agree with the statement?

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post #2  quote:

Id say that these points are very astute. IMO, recent college grads do appear to have an inflated sense of themselves and their own abilities. They believe that they can start at the top, or at least close to it, but in reality, that is simply not the case.

You still have to crawl before you walk...

Old Post 05-13-2008 06:43 PM
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