Sean M. Kelly
P.O. Box 18202 San Jose, Ca 95158-8202
(408) 578-8888

I am seeking a challenging environment to take advantage of my many talents and assets for firmware, bios, software, Internet development work, and project/team management roles. I enjoy researching new areas of development. I am a:

Web Design & Production
Hand-coded D/HTML, JavaScript, CGI (Perl 4/5 / C); Graphics (JPG/GIF/PNG), icons & fonts; I use PHP, ASP, JSP, Servlets, XML, XSL/T, SQL and some Cold Fusion and VB Script.
Worked on:,,,,,,,,

Software Engineering
ASM, C, shell scripts, Perl, Java, Pascal on DOS/`95, M68332, MIPS, 80x86 platforms, Visual C++ win32, MFC (Doc/view, Dialog, Wizard, Console); Applications include I/O (PIO/DMA), block (disk) device drivers, Stepper Motor speed control, monochromatic bitmap area-sample reduction scaling & rotation, hardware detection, serial communication protocols, client-server applications, web services, P2P, data encryption and compression.

Software Tools
Win 3.x, `9x, NT, Linux & Unix, Office, Photoshop, Visio, FTP, SSH, telnet, Sybase Power Designer, IBM Eclipse IDE, Source Safe, Visual Studio, MSDN Tools, SQL Server & MySQL databases.

Audio & Video Systems
I have in-depth knowledge of HD and SD digital and analog video and audio signal source, routing, conversion and display solutions. I have worked with everything from $2,000 plasma screens to $100,000 digital projectors, $1000 home audio to $25,000 professional digital audio systems. I can handle edit suites, broadcast centers, D-Cinema theaters, individual attraction screens and other specialty audible/visuals. HD/SD SDI, CAV/YBR, RGB, VGA, AES, AC3, DTS, balances & unbalanced stereo, home & professional, monitors, speaker selections.

Professional Experience

Systems Architect & Engineering Manager
Argo Entertainment Group, Inc. - Campbell, Ca; 4/03 – Present &

IT Systems Architect
Enterprise Broadcasting Corporation - Scotts Valley, Ca; 7/01 – 10/01 (Defunct)

Web Engineer
KnightRidder Digital - San Jose, Ca; 7/00 – 7/01

Co-founder / VP & CTO
Psyphire - Sunnyvale, Ca; 3/99 - Present

Firmware/Software Engineer
Powis Parker, Inc. - Berkeley, Ca; 6/99 – 7/00

Software Engineer
Promise Technology, Inc. - San Jose, Ca; 9/96 – 6/99

Technical Support
Promise Technology, Inc. - San Jose, Ca; 12/95 – 9/96

From 1994 to 1995 I held two technical/computer-related jobs as well as two unrelated jobs.

A native Californian, I take a personal interest in the environment and its protection. Yet I am interested in a variety of subject matters such as aerospace, bioscience and electro-mechanical innovations. I keep up an active lifestyle and enjoy music, dancing, art, film and photography and am constantly seeking new ways to challenge myself. I love to share new experiences with my wife and daughter.