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We are Borg: Nano bots in your bloodstream.

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Posted by: Whidden


Artists conception of what a nano bot nueron might look like.

I was watching the news this week, and caught an interview with a futurist.

The stuff he was saying blew my mind. In the very near future, people will be injected with nano-bots. They will be small, about the size of cells, or way smaller, and they will grow in your body I guess, and do all kinds of funky stuff. Like stop you from aging.

He was talking about stuff that changes your DNA, makes you grow new organs, on and on. I wish I could remember it all.

Thing that shocked me was he said it was already being done in animals. And some human testing on organs outside the body. Freaked the tar outta old Whidden.

The postive aspects of it are (in the near future) no more aging and very little disease.

The negative is zillions of little nano bots living in your bloodstream. That makes you a BORG my friend.

Also, I wonder how long it will take before some of them escape whatever "programming" they have and move into the whole population.

I'm saying nano bots here, and I may be using the wrong terminology, they may be closer to nano viruses. Hell, I don't know. It made me feel like I had been drinking. Didn't seem real.

Anyhow, this guy was saying, death as we know it, in around 20 to 30 years isn't going to be around. The nano bots will be programmed to our DNA, and make the right changes, so that we fail to age, and all our diseases are healed.

I rarely whip out bible verses on the board, as I'm no preacher, and don't feel it's my job to bible thump.

BUT: For years and years, when people read the verses in Revelation 10 about the two witnesses, it said that they are killed in the street and lie there dead for 3 days. And the people of the world send gifts to one another and celebrate over it.

Till just recently, that would have been impossible. Anyone who read that must have gone "What the ????" How could the whole world even know what was going on.

With the invention of television, etc. we don't even think twice about this today.

Well, there has been this verse that bothered me in Revelation 9:6 that said:

And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death flees from them.

Now call me a nitwit, and a loon, and crazy, all that, but as soon as I heard about these nano bots, besides for Star Trek and the Borg, that verse was the first thing I thought of.

In the very end times, men will long to die and won't be able to. 10 zillion nano bots running through your bloodstream set to "heal" just might do that.

Alright, maybe I am nuts, I'm not going to go preach it on the streets or nothing, just an idea. Take it for what it's worth.

Still, Bible verses or no Bible verses, this stuff scares the living tar outta me. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will usher in a new age of health and wealth, end aging, end disease, we will all live happily ever after.

But then again, maybe we become half robot half human, and then it gets all weird.

Sample article One:
NYU chemists create 'nanorobotic' arm to operate within DNA sequence
New York University chemistry professor Nadrian C. Seeman and his graduate student Baoquan Ding have developed a DNA cassette through which a nanomechanical device can be inserted and function within a DNA array, allowing for the motion of a nanorobotic arm. The results, reported in the latest issue of the journal Science, mark the first time scientists have been able to employ a functional nanotechnology device within a DNA array.

“It is crucial for nanorobotics to be able to insert controllable devices into a particular site within an array, thereby leading to a diversity of structural states,” explained Seeman. “Here we have demonstrated that a single device has been inserted and converted at a specific site.”

He added that the results pave the way for creating nanoscale “assembly lines” in which more complex maneuvers could be executed.

The results are based upon a device Seeman and his NYU colleagues had previously developed. That component has enabled the translation of DNA sequences, thereby potentially serving as a factory for assembling the building blocks of new materials. The invention has the potential to develop new synthetic fibers, advance the encryption of information, and improve DNA-based computation. The device, developed with NYU Chemistry graduate student Shiping Liao, emulates the process by which RNA replicas of DNA sequences are translated to create protein sequences. However, the signals that control the nanomechanical tool are DNA rather than RNA. The dimensions of the machine are approximately 110 x 30 x 2 nm.

In this study, Seeman and Ding developed a framework that contains a binding site--a cassette—that allows insertion of the device into a specific site of a DNA array. Changing the cassette’s control sequences or insertion sequences would allow the researchers to manipulate the array or insert it at different locations. The researchers added a long arm to the framework so that they could observe the structure undergoing a half-rotation. They visualized their results by atomic force microscopy (AFM), which permits features that are a few billionths of a meter to be visualized.

Sample article two:

The future of nano-biology: regenerating tissue and artificial proteins Posted by Dan Farber @ 5:45 pm

Worthwhile? The last day the Future in Review conference focused on big societal issues, rather than the usual techno-centric topics. During a panel on the future of nano-biotechnology, Alan Russell, head of regenerative medicine at the University of Pittsburg, described progress in moving from treating symptoms to generating cures and regenerating tissues as a result of the convergence of nanotechnology and biology. "Every tissue from head to toe is being regenerated somewhere across the planet," Russell said. Corneal epithelium are being grown in dishes at one temperature and then cooled and peeled off and placed on an eye. Three patients in the U.S. have received whole cultured bladders grown using nano-biology techniques. A uterus can be grown outside the body in animal tests, placed inside the body and subsequently produce babies. He predicted that within the next five years, spinal cord injuries will be treated with stem cells and some of the paralyzing effects reversed. In South America, stem cell therapy is used to eliminate disease in failing hearts. U.S. trails are starting next week, Russell said. The Department of Defense has allocated $20 million to study whole limb generation. "If a newt can do it, why not we," Russell said. However, limb regeneration is more than five years out.

Michael Knapp, CEO of nano-startup Cambrios, described applying techniques of molecular biology to synthesizing electronic components and other materials. His company is discovering and creating artificial proteins (nanostructures) that will attach to inorganic materials, such as semiconductors. Instead of harsh chemical conditions and expensive machines, Cambrios can physically self assemble and bind elements via molecular affinity at room temperature in a bathtub type environment. "The implementation of bio manufacturing technology will happen first by replacing existing steps in the manufacturing chain in three to five years," Knapp said. He predicted that the Holy Grail of simply mixing biochemicals and organic salts to create a computer will occur in the 20 to 50 year timeframe.
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Posted by: Whidden

Whidden said this in post #1 :
In this study, Seeman and Ding developed a framework that contains a binding site--a cassette—that allows insertion of the device into a specific site of a DNA array.

Please. No silly jokes about the names of the two scientists. We are adults here.

But really, what the odds? Ding and Seeman? C'mon already!
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