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Usher Surprises Fan on Oprah Show

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Posted by: schmiggens

Usher was on Oprah Winfrey over here last night, to surprise his biggest fan. They had some girls in that thought they were on Oprah to talk about Pop Culture or something, but really it was to see Usher perform live. These four or five girls had all written letters in to Oprah saying how they loved Usher and wanted to marry him and stuff.

He sang Yeah and Confessions and was really good, he really sang, not lip-syncing. He can dance!

But the main reason for him being there was that a lady had written in about her best friend who was 37 (?) single mum, and a big Usher fans with his pictures everywhere and all that. So Oprah and Usher with the help of the best friend who wrote in, decided to surprise Usher's fan at he turned up at her bowling alley. It was so cool.

I love it when people get surprises and expecially when they're getting a surprise that they really want. The fan had just bowled her ball and turned around to cheer that she'd made a good shot, and Usher was standing there in front of her. She almost died. Usher spent the day with her and her friend bowling, he helped her with her shot and put his arms around her, they had heaps of photos taken, he picked her up for photos, etc. She said it was the best day of her life.

Then they all went to the Oprah show and he gave her two front row tickets and a backstage pass to his concert and the hat that he had been wearing all day and on the Oprah show. Then they gave the fan and her friend personalised bowling shirts they had made up, each with a photo of that person and Usher on the back. It was awesome!

Usher seemed really at ease being with the fan, even though she was obviously overwhelmed by the whole thing. He really seemed very normal and down to earth. I think he seems like great guy. I think it's cool that he took a day out of his busy life to connect with a fan. I love it when stars do that.

I think I need to write to Oprah!

Avril Lavigne was also on the show

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