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Posted by: mystic

THE TITLE OF THIS THREAD (original post #4435 in breaking news)

By MervynHaggar

This thread is called "Breaking News ... Court TV " and I think that the real breaking news here is that Court TV has gone off the rails .

Court TV, led by Nancy Grace has become so shrill in its relentless tirade against Scott Peterson to the point where when attorneys surface on the channel in favor of looking at the evidence with an open mind: they are immediately shot down with snide remarks accompanied by a close up of the Nancy Grace sneer .

Grace is now seen substituting for Larry King on CNN and she also appears on other shows and channels. She has become the symbolic star of Court TV. She is Court TV and what it stands for .

When Court TV began it was along the lines of a legal channel that featured court room trials, but on Sundays there would be heavy doses of professional legal instruction. Now all of that has gone to be replaced by Nancy Grace who seems to be sponsored by "Bob" - a guy who needs a drug to have sex with his wife.

I am waiting for the attorney ads to start showing up asking if any viewers were injured as a result of buying "Bob" products advertised on Court TV. It will be interesting then to see if Court TV covers the trial of itself!

But right now this Nancy Grace sneer-a-thon has got to the point where I personally think that she is undermining the concept of a fair trial, because obviously as far as she is concerned, Scott Peterson is guilty of murder.

However, there is no other channel dedicated to court room trials. It would be a shame to exclude the camera from court rooms because open courts do create a fair environment. But this is also a situation where the trial is not being televised.

I am getting fed up with Court TV to the point of avoiding it all together. I am now wondering if the regulators should now be pressured to clamp down on Court TV and to start going after the advertisers who support this un-American rubbish. It is un-American because America is supposed to be the land of fair trials and this Peterson case is being paraded to the public as a circus.

Court TV not only transmits via cable and satellite, but its programs are also finding their way on to the broadcast airwaves which are regulated by the FCC.

This may be the time to start a new thread on this board in order to go after Court TV to cause it to clean up its act. This can be done by providing email addresses for complaints to the regulators (more than just the FCC) and advertisers.

Quite frankly I am amazed that such a movement is not already underway, or if it is, why it is not getting the publicity that it deserves.

If you know of anti-Court TV-propaganda web sites, please post their web addresses here.

If Ken is still out there perhaps he will assist .

As the saying goes, enough is enough and Nancy Grace needs to be flushed down the toilet where Senator McCarthy and his isms were sent long ago.

McCarthyism is now Grace-ism. You are now un-American if you believe in fair trials, according to Nancy Grace,

Let's flush her away beginning right now .

McCarthy was a lot more powerful than Grace and McCarthy was sent down the plug hole. Now its time for Grace to follow him.

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Posted by: mystic

Can we put anything here about it?

I found something that may not really apply...but its interesting in its own right.

What category would you put COURT TV in? Normally I would think anything but Entertainment....but as it is seems as if thats what most consider it....

Are trials really "entertainment?"

Anyhow..I was a little surprised at this:

From DISH Network programming.....

Network: COURT TV

Channel Name: COURT


Description: Court TV is a 24-hour cable network that takes viewers inside courtrooms across the country and around the world with live coverage of important and dramatic trials

Is it just me or do these two highlighted things contradict one another?

Well...anyhow..just thought I would add that....But lets see what we can find on what you were talking about.

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Posted by: mystic

A few comments from a guy about Court TV...

During The Binion Trial - Instead of showing us live trial coverage, they would cut away to the Catherine Crier Show every day at 5PM EST, despite the fact that the trial was still in progress, and having, at one time, promised "gavel-to-gavel" coverage.

I love that Court TV attempted to air programs like Homicide. It's COURT TV! Stick the camera in the courtroom and let it roll. Crap!

Court TV is a brilliant concept. It brings the average American face-to-face with the reality of the justice system. Shows like "Perry Mason" and "The Practice" show fast-moving, exciting trials where the verdicts are always right and justice is quick. Court TV is reality and justice is often slow and far from exciting. My mother watches Court TV 24-7; to the point that their logo is burned into her television screen. She has an armchair education in the law and a deep appreciation for one of our greatest rights - the right to a fair trial and the belief that one is innocent until proven guilty.

What can I say except O.J. was the only thing keeping "Court TV" on the air from 1994-1996? Once that ended... big-time jump.

This channel is jumping even as I type this. They cut the Danielle van Dam testimony short so they can run "Profiler" reruns at 6:00. It's only 3:00 in San Diego, that means there could easily be another 2 full hours of testimony. What's going on? Court TV should be just that - COURT TV. Not rehashed dramas that weren't all that good during their original run anyway.

Court TV can be interesting. Unfortunately it wants to show "live" courtroom coverage. All this does is point out to the layman how dull most trials really are. It's not like Perry Mason or LA Law, with articulate lawyers debating points, or eyewitness testimony recreating a scene; most of the time it's people meandering around while the judge ponders the admissibility of some piece of evidence, or the deadly dull process of jury selection. If Court TV could tape these trials, then edit them down to the interesting parts and show those, the channel would be infinitely more interesting. jumped the day someone thought it was a good idea to put Nancy Grace on as anchor...her dramatics are horrible. Please get this lady a weather job on Ch. 78 in Domestic Dispute,GA....

I've been watching live court ever since the O.J. and Rodney King cases. I think it was a great idea to show these court procedings to the public. What I don't like it when the east coast based CourtTV thinks we are all on the same time zone and the court day is over at 2:00 PM Pacific time. Aren't there still cases going on in California and other western states until 5:00 PM. If that isn't bad enough, instead of showing more courtroom action later, such as replaying highlights of a trial we couldn't see earlier in the day, they show crappy shows like Cops and Profiler. I do like the show Forensic Files because it discusses real cases and evidence, but they should stick to their namesake, CourtTV and show more COURT on TV. Another thing I hate is Nancy Grace. Does she think that by stretching her words out, they will have more effect? "Heeeeeee waaaaaas iiiiiinnnnn theeeeee rooooooooom... at the tiiiiiiimmmmme ooooooofffff theeeeeee muuuuuurrrrrrdeeeeerrrr." She is very annoying and she does not let facts get in the way of her opinions..

How do you expect to be taken seriously in journalism and the law when you have tabloid scum like Diane Diamond reporting for you. She is beyond vile, she is beyond being a *****. If I ever see her I will kick her in the face.

They have god awful Diane Diamond presenting herself has a journalist, yet all she does is repeat rumors and make sure we know what she thinks about everything. Also her unnatural interest in Michael Jackson is creepier than anything that might be going on at Neverland. Also Catherine Crier person used to be a judged. Judging from her show she must have hung a lot of innocent people. All she does is interview people who work for the national enquirer, psychic detectives, and that damn Diane Diamond.

Nancy Grace!!! Gosh, at first I admired this woman for being so strong and opinionated, but now she really bugs me!!! First of all, I don't know why they gave her her own show on Court TV (probably b/c she would be speaking over whomever her co host may be). She possesses an inability to remain objective when discussing cases on Closing Arguments. It really gets in the way of watching her show. She's also a gossip. She cuts off her guests all the time and then says things like, "I'd like to finish" when they interject on her. She is the ONLY anchor who does this. I thoroughly enjoy Trial Heat and Both Sides...all anchors on those shows respect their guests as well as their opinions. Hey Court TV, get rid of Nancy!!!

As a former prosecutor (now a defense attorney), I like the concept of Court TV because it gives the public a chance to observe courtroom procedure. In reality, most criminal trials are rather boring affairs so I can understand the need to air drama programs like Homicide: Life on the Street to provide some variety and keep the viewers tuning in. What I dislike about Court TV-in fact, what I detest about it-is Nancy Grace, who does to civilized discussion of the criminal justice system what Ann Coulter has done to civilized political discourse...turned it into an ugly shouting match. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion Nancy, but there IS something wrong when you behave rudely and obnoxiously to your guests and colleagues, interrupting them and flinging insults. I can't believe this lady used to be a prosecutor. If Grace behaved the way she does on television before any of the judges in whose courts I've tried cases she'd be cited for contempt and her ass would be hauled to jail quicker than you could say "habeus corpus". I long for the day when Court TV gives this shrew her walking papers.

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Posted by: mystic

This isnt so much anti Court-tv per say....but it reflects upon them with that bad choices of people to serve them.

Ken Posted this at one time but I dont know which I went to the actual website:

Nancy Grace aka Tweety Bird - Court TV's Dimmest
6/21/04: ©

Nancy Grace or Tweety Bird, Tweety Bird or Nancy Grace, Nancy Grace and Tweety Bird, it's hard to determine who is who. Both chirp endlessly and say just about nothing.

Our First Idiot Of The Week

It was a tough choice. There were so many to choose from. The first Idiot of The Week was more like the idiot of the past year. Who was the one person through their comments, actions, activities, and everyday job was truly our first Idiot of The Week? Who was the most obnoxious individual that usually spoke to hear themselves talk? Which person consistently sounded like a complete moron every time they opened their mouth? Who had a point of view that was always based on what would get them the most attention or ratings with no regard for the affect or consequences it would have on the person's life they were commenting on?

Was It Really That Hard?

What seemed that it might have been a tough choice was actually easy to decide. Nancy Grace provided us with all the qualifications, and then some, as the first and only choice for Idiot Of The Week. Nancy Grace is the poster child of what the Idiot of The Week means to us. Nancy Grace is without a doubt the first and best choice for Idiot of The Week.

In Nancy Grace's mind everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Even when Nancy is wrong, she refuses to admit it. Why you ask? It's easy, she is an idiot. Recently she went on national television and claimed she knew for a fact a certain person was guilty of a child abduction and possible murder. Later when it was proven that this person was innocent (not to mention that he died in jail) she never even offered an apology to the deceased or his family for all the hurtful and unfounded comments and observations that she had made. When confronted directly on the Larry King show if she shouldn't offer an apology for her unfounded remarks, she stated something to the effect of why should she. This, in part, is why Nancy Grace had to be our choice for Idiot of The Week.

All you have to do is listen to her talk or read one of her articles. Then you'll know we made the right choice. Why people like Larry King allow Nancy on their show is beyond us. But then he lets her host the show? I'm sorry, but we stopped watching Larry King whenever Nancy Grace appears. If you need to watch something news worthy when Larry King has Nancy Grace on? Change the channel from CNN to MSNBC and catch the Abrams Report with Dan Abrams.

Nancy Grace - Tweety The Feathers Fly

Idiot Of The Week had recently obtained exclusive access to the official line up card that doesn't exist, along with information involving a line up with Nancy Grace that didn't take place at an undisclosed location. It appears the problem was the witnesses were disoriented and confused by the twin like similarities of all the participants. As youíll notice when reviewing the line up card, itís next to impossible for even the most well trained eye to distinguish between the suspects the witnesses were asked to choose from. One witness was reported to have said on the way out "Why, why, why, Iím so confused, why?" as she was lead away crying. To demonstrate this we are providing you with the exclusive first look at the line up card.

Tweety To Sue Grace?

In a totally separate and unrelated matter it is rumored that representatives of Tweety Bird intend to file a several dollar law suit against Nancy Grace. It is reported that when asked why they were filling only a several dollar law suit against Ms. Grace? They replied, its not about the money, itís about Ms. Grace out there looking like our client, Tweety Bird, and giving all birds a bad name through her ignorance and lack of intelligence.

Tweety's attorney further stated, look at the way she does her hair, look at the cheeks, and look at the walk. Have you ever seen her in a restaurant? She always orders the chicken feed. They further went on to state that they intend to prove the term "Bird Brain" originated after Ms. Grace was born, and that no bird has a lower IQ then Ms. Grace.

Weíll be staying on top of this to provide you with any new developments if there is a trial or settlement reached in this matter. However, representatives of Tweety Bird contend they want Ms. Grace on the stand to expose her for the turkey she is.

Closing Argument

We wonder how Ms. Grace likes being ripped apart for the loser we perceive her to be. Unable to defend herself and not that she could. She seems to find an angle to find everyone guilty before they even have had the opportunity to receive a fair trial. We believe her only motives in doing this are for ratings and attention. No ratings or attention should be gained at the expense of someone's constitutional right to a fair trial. It appears that this is something Ms. Grace feels no one is entitled if it cost her ratings. As Ms. Grace has a policy of never being wrong. We will not apologize to Ms. Grace for rightfully calling her a loser. Until she changes, she will always be an Idiot of Every Week.

Ms. Grace is a "Disgrace" to the legal and media professions she claims to represent. The sooner Ms. Grace disappears from the public eye the better. Watch The Practice. At least the opinions expressed there are honest and you might have a chance to learn something beyond what a big mouth sounds like voicing her ignorant opinions at everyone else's expense just to hear herself talk.

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Posted by: mystic


If there is one thing in life that I am certain of on this spinning globe it is that I am a citizen of the United States of America. So when I hear that someone is acting on my behalf by arguing that they are entitled to claim the rights of U.S. citizenship by proxy, it naturally gets my attention. I recently watched a Court TV attorney argue before the judge in the Kobe Bryant trial that the rights of Court TV are based upon the rights of U.S. citizens to access the courts.

I tolerate Court TV because when you get down to the brass tacks of the situation, what can I do about it? However,I have a nagging sense that something is very wrong with Court T.V.'s claim of representing U.S. citizens in the courts. Court T.V.'s commercial interruptions are bad enough but the commentary by anchors and guests is often offensive and seems to be tailored to advocate thier personal political views and causes.

I feel Court T.V. is falsely claiming to represent citizens in the courts while using thier questionable media platform for thier own gain and ends.

Is this situation fair to the U.S. citizens Court T.V. claims to represent? Do I have any rights as a U.S. citizen in this situation? What are my rights? Of course I can just turn off the television but by doing so I relinquish my seat in the courtroom only because I object to the additional program content that Court TV inserts into thier trial coverage.

Isn't there somekind of relationship between U.S. citizenship and fairness? Even in our media driven society?

Karl S.
Falls Church, Va.

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Posted by: mystic

Found this....thought it might interest some on here about the CTVMB's.

Court TV Censors

January 14, 2004

The case against Scott Peterson was delivered by God, to prove that any moron who accuses this man of murder, is the scum of the earth.

To accuse Scott Peterson of murder, one would have to believe that this young man, who produced a receipt to prove he had launched a boat that nobody had ever heard of before, deliberately set himself up to create suspicion. Murderers make excuses, they do not produce preposterous alibis, and the suggestion that Scott Peterson used a boat that nobody had ever heard of to dump his wife in the Bay is ultimately preposterous because under the circumstances, the "secret" is not Laci's lifeless body --the "secret" is the boat that nobody had ever heard of, and Scott Peterson never tried to hide this secret. Indeed, the smile on his face was broader than the horizon, not because he thought he was getting away with murder, but because he was playing with his new toy, and Scott Peterson's nightmare began, not when he was exposed trying to hide his secret boat, but when he frantically scoured the neighborhood, in search of his missing wife. In the final analysis, if one examines all the evidence, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Laci Peterson was kidnapped, but in fairness, nobody has ever claimed that Peterson critics, Court TV blowhards Beth Karas and Nancy Grace, who repeatedly suggest that Scott Peterson is guilty, are anything more than ignorant, repugnant liars.

The fact that Nancy Grace and Beth Karas promote ignorant lies was conclusively exposed on January 14, 2004, when somebody placed a call on Larry King Live, to complain about Court TV message boards because they are heavily censored. The caller complained because messages that support Scott Peterson are routinely deleted, yet Beth Karas and Nancy Grace had the unmitigated gall to deny the indisputable fact that Court TV message boards are routinely censored. Clearly, we have investigated many of these recurring complaints about Court TV message boards ourselves, and if Beth Karas and Nancy Grace are too stupid to understand the merit of the complaint about Court TV message boards, they are inadvertent liars.

In a nutshell, anybody who slanders Scott Peterson is applauded on Court TV message boards, but anybody who defends Scott Peterson is banned. Despite this outrageous censorship, morons like Beth Karas and Nancy Grace claim that Court TV does not take a stand, where the guilt or innocence of Scott Peterson is concerned, and that is clearly an outright lie. The fact of the matter is, the claim that Scott Peterson murdered Laci cannot survive scrutiny, and that is why Court TV bans anybody who states the obvious. In the final analysis, it is not at all surprising because blowhards like Nancy Grace act like National Enquirer advocates, and this in not an isolated perversion of justice. Indeed, if Elizabeth Smart had been murdered, as Laci was, Nancy Grace would be applauding law enforcement for arresting Richard Albert Ricci whom she blamed for the abduction, and that would have provided the opportunity to murder Elizabeth Smart without the fear of ever being punished. Clearly, morons like Nancy Grace and Beth Karas aide and abet murderers when they accuse innocent people, and they should be prosecuted because they are ultimately responsible for the inexcusable failure to at least try to rescue Laci Peterson.

In the final analysis, critics like Beth Karas and Nancy Grace are stupid liars who should be prosecuted, for covering up the truth about the murder of Laci Peterson. These morons who pollute the airwaves with their moronic lies do not deserve a life, because Laci Peterson and Connor were pleading for theirs, when this poor, helpless, kidnapped woman was probably shot in the head, because the cowardly creeps who did this knew that they could get away with murder as long as they can rely upon morons like Nancy Grace and Beth Karas.

Some of the following messages that were posted on Court TV message boards were deleted because they do not support the preposterous claim that Scott Peterson murdered Laci.

Scott Peterson was sleeping with his wife, when he allegedly murdered Laci, in the middle of the night. Richard Albert Ricci was sleeping with his wife, when he allegedly kidnapped Elizabeth, in the middle of the night, and visions of delusions, danced in the heads of Nancy Grace and Beth Karas.

unanimous jury.

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