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Posted by: gaboman

This'll be a list of songs R. Kelly has written, produced or remixed, or anything like that, for another artist.

  • Do What You Gotta Do - 112 (written and produced)
  • You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson (written and produced)
  • Cry - Michael Jackson (written and produced)
  • One More Chance - Michael Jackson (written and produced)
  • Stroke You Up - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • Foolin' Around - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • All Is Not Gone - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. (Part I) - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. (Part II) - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • All Day, All Night - Changing Faces (written and produced)
  • Visit Me - Changing Faces (Written and produced)
  • I Don't Want To - Toni Braxton (written and produced)
  • The Little Things - Toni Braxton (written and produced)
  • Quality Time - Hi-Five (written and produced)
  • A Little Bit Older Now - Hi-Five (written and produced)
  • Video Girl - Hi-Five (written and produced)
  • Let's Get It Started (Keep It Goin' On) - Hi-Five (written and produced)
  • Intro - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Throw Your Hands In The Air - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Back & Forth - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Age Aint Nothing But A Number - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Down With The Clique - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • At Your Best (You Are Love) - Aaliyah (produced and arranged - originally performed by the Isley Brothers)
  • No One Knows How To Love Me Quite The Way You Do - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • I'm So Into You - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Street Thing - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Young Nation - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Old School - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • I'm Down - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • The Thing I Like - Aaliyah (written and produced)
  • Let's Lay Together - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Can I Have A Kiss (For Old Times' Sake)? - The Isley Brothers (co-written and produced)
  • Mission To Please - The Isley Brothers (co-written and produced)
  • Speechless - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Contagious - The Isley Brothers ft. Chante Moore and R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Superstar - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Lucky Charm - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • What Would You Do? - The Isley Brothers ft. The Pied Piper (written and produced)
  • Body Kiss - The Isley Brothers ft. Lil Kim (written and produced)
  • Busted - The Isley Brothers ft. JS (written and produced)
  • Showdown Vol. 1 - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Keep It Flowin' - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Prize Possession - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Take a Ride - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • I Like - The Isley Brothers ft. The Pied Piper and Snoop Dogg (written and produced)
  • What Would You Do? Pt. 2 - The Isley Brothers (written and produced)
  • Heaven's Girl - Quincy Jones (with R. Kelly, Ron Isley, Aaron Hall, Charlie Wilson and Naomi Campbell) (written and produced)
  • Life - K-Ci & JoJo (written and produced)
  • Fortunate - Maxwell (written and produced)
  • Men Like Us - Gerald Levert (written and produced)
  • Someone To Love - Johnny Gill (written and produced)
  • Good Life - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Time To Move On - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Lean On Me - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • I'm Gone - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Turn Away - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • What About - Sparkle (duet with R. Kelly) (written and produced)
  • Be Careful - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Nothing Can Compare - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Quiet Place (Prelude) - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Lovin' You - Sparkle (produced and arranged)
  • Straight Up - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Vegas - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • No Greater Love (Interlude) - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Play On - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Plenty Good Lovin' - Sparkle (written and produced)
  • Girlfriend - B2K (written and produced)
  • Bump Bump Bump - B2K (written and produced, with help from P. Diddy)
  • Bump That - B2K (written and produced)
  • What A Girl Wants - B2K (written and produced)
  • I'm Your Woman - Syleena Johnson (written and produced)
  • Guess What? - Syleena Johnson (written and produced)
  • Guess What? (Guess Again) - Syleena Johnson (written and produced)
  • It's Like Everyday - DJ Quik (written and produced)
  • Stimulate Me - Destiny's Child ft. Mocha (written and produced)
  • It's Gonna Rain - Kelly Price (written and produced)
  • Discovery - Brian McKnight (written and produced)
  • Follow the Wind - Trisha Yearwood (written and produced)
  • Why Should I Believe You - Mya (written and produced)
  • Outrageous - Britney Spears (written and produced)
  • The Truth - Truth Hurts (written and produced)
  • That Extra Mile - The Winans (written and produced)
  • There He Is - Trin-I-Tee 5:7 (written and produced)
  • God's Grace - Trin-I-Tee 5:7 (written and produced)
  • Hell Yeah - Ginuwine (written and produced)
  • Hell Yeah (Remix) - Ginuwine ft. Baby and R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Laundromat - Nivea (written and produced)
  • Ya Ya Ya - Nivea (written and produced)
  • So Sexy - Twista ft. R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Gigolo - Nick Canon ft. R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Hotel - Cassidy ft. R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Rich Man - Russel (written and produced)
  • Calling All Girls - ATL (written and produced)
  • Baby I Love You (Remix) - Jennifer Lopez (Remixed and Arranged by)
  • Spend The Night - N-Phase (written and produced)
  • Questions - Tamia (written and produced)
  • Love Angel - JS (written and produced)
  • Ice Cream - JS (written and produced)
  • Ice Cream (Remix) - JS (written and produced)
  • Bye Bye - JS (written and produced)
  • Slow Grind - JS (written and produced)
  • Half - JS (written and produced)
  • Stay Right Here - JS (written and produced)
  • Sister - JS (written and produced)
  • 808 - Blaque (written and produced)
  • It's On - Mary J. Blige ft. R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Gangsta Girl - Big Tymers ft. R. Kelly (written and produced)
  • Clubbin - Marques Houston (written and produced)
  • Clubbin (Remix) - Marques Houston (written and produced)
  • That Girl (Remix) - Marques Houston (Remixed and arranged)
  • Pop That Booty - Marques Houston ft. JD (ghost writer)
  • More & More - Joe (written and produced)
  • Make You My Baby - Joe (written and produced)
  • Rose - Billy Ocean (written and produced)
  • Everything's So Different Without You - Billy Ocean (written and produced)
  • Start Again - Vanessa Williams (written and produced)

More to come when I think of them...
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Posted by: Gowian Wright

Let me just say that you are absolute Monster! Ive been looking for someone with knowledge of the great mans production and finally after a search which has gone on for quite honestly too long Ive found U!!!...Here is the list which I have put together,so hopefully it will help U although there is a considerable amount of overlap...Big question,did Rob really Ghost Write Pop That Booty and if does he use the pseudonym of T.Scott??

Anyways here U Go,Enjoy!!...

Aaliyah-'Back and Forth'+(Entire 'Age Aint Nothing but a Number Album')

Aaron Hall-?(off forthcoming album 'Adults Only'Jun 28th)
ATL-'Calling All Girls'

B2K-'Bump,Bump,Bump'+'Bump That'+'Girlfriend'+'Girlfriend Remix'(Co-Produced with Ron G)+'What a Girl wants'
Boo & Gotti-'Dear Ghetto'
Boyz II Men-?
Brain McKnight-'Discovery'
Britney Spears-'Outrageous'
Big Tymers-'Gangsta Girl'

Changing Faces-'Stroke You Up'+(Most of their 1st album)
Charlie Wilson-'Charlie,Last Name Wilson'+(3 other songs off forthcoming album of the same name July 12th)
Chingy-'Leave Wit Me'
Ciara-'Next To You'

Destiny's Child-'Stimulate Me'


Gerald Levert-'Men Like Us'
Ginuwine-'Hell Yeah'+'Hell Yeah Remix'

Hi-Five-'Quality Time'+(Others?)

Isley Brothers-'Contagious'+(11 out of 12 on 'Body Kiss' album)

Janet Jackson-'Anytime,Anyplace Remix'
Joe-'More and More'+'Make U My Baby'
JS-'Ice Cream'(8 out of 12 from album of the same name)

Kelly Price-'Friend of Mine' (aka Best Friend Remix)

Luther Vandross-'When U Call On Me'

Mario G-'U Are'+'Holla at Me'
Marques Houston-'Clubbin'+'Clubbin Remix'
Mary.J.Blige-'Its On'+(1 other?)
Michael Jackson-'You are Not alone'+'One More Chance'+'Cry'
Mya-'Why Should I believe You'

Nick Cannon-'Gigolo'+'Feelin Freak'(Co-produced with trackmasters)
Nivea-'Laundromat'+'Ya ya ya'+'Gangster Girl'

Ray J-'Quit Actin'
Red Hot RnB All Stars-'Every Nation'
Rubben Studdard-'I Need An Angel'

Sparkle-'Lovin You'+'Be Careful'(+entire 1st album)
Syleena Johnson-'Im Your Woman'+'Guess What'+'Guess What,Guess Again'+'Hypnotic'+'Phone Sex' (+others from forthcoming album 'Chapter 3:The Flesh'-Aug 9th)
Secreta Weapon-No material officially released

Truth Hurts-'The Truth'
Toni Braxton-'I Dont want To'
Tony Sunshine-'Everywhere I Go'
Tyrese-Pick Up The Phone'
Twista-'So Sexy'+ 'So Sexy Remix'

Whitney Houston-'I Look to You.

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Posted by: gaboman

Big question,did Rob really Ghost Write Pop That Booty and if does he use the pseudonym of T.Scott??

Tony Scott is a real guy. But that doesn't mean the R didn't write it... there's just no way to be sure about it, really.

Just a quick correction to one thing on your list, which you probably know, but R didn't write Lovin' You he just produced Sparkle's version.

And R's version of Friend of Mine was "Friend Of Mine (Remix)", Best Friend was a different song, but Friend Of Mine's remix is the one the R wrote.

Hey, so, these Mario G songs? Were they ever released? Also who is Mario G?

Hey, also, you can put the R down for Marques Houston's "That Girl (The Pied Piper Remix)" He pretty much rewrote it.

And Toni Braxton's got a song "The Little Things" on her Ultimate Toni Braxton album, also written and produced by the R.

Also, did you hear Charlie Wilson's album was held back til August? Yeah... yeah

Anyway, glad you like the list. I really should update it... but... too lazy...
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Posted by: schmiggens

I've heard of Mario G I think.

Didn't he do "He Wasn't Man Enough" for Toni Braxton too?

I think he produced a Remix or the video version with Snoop of Britney's Outragous, I don't think he wrote the original. Did he? If you say he did I'll take your word for it.

Didn't he do a song recently with Ja and Ashanti?

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Posted by: gaboman

Oh, yeah, R. Kelly wrote Outrageous, the original. The Remix too, cause its basically the same song... He didn't do He wasn't Man Enough though.

Ja Rule and Ashanti, yeah, he did "Wonderful" and "I Wonder". Forgot about those.

He's also got "So Hot" on Fat Joe's new album, but isn't credited as writer (though he probably is... probably)

And a song with Elephant man that is probably called "Shake That Ass" but hasn't come out. It could be the song "Reggae Bump Bump" from his new album, cause the song says Bump Bump a lot...

Also forgot the Talent album. The tracks: Together We Stand, Celebrity, I Belong, Every Which Way, Everywhere I Go, Descriptions Of Love, Til The Angels Sing, Breakin' Up, Turn To Lies, All Up In His Ride and My Heart Will Go On (which is a remake of the Celine Dion song, which he produced, with no lyrics though...)

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Posted by: Gowian Wright

Didnt know there was a remix of Outrageous, but I shud have known better it is Rob after all! Is it on the single release or a Britney album?

Mario G is a new cat who's album and songs havnt been released yet, but he's got all the big guns on there...Rob, Timbaland, Neptunes, Lil Jon and Jazze Pha.

U shud come and join the forum at '' its pretty good but most of the people are veterans who arent really up to date with the game...Caught in abit of a time warp I think.

I was aware that there were a few inaccuracies on my post but I just copied and pasted it from another source of mine and listed it so those other people cud see, as I needed to quickly prove a point to them. ... If you do come across to the site U'll notice that the people on there dont really pay much attention to detail!

The song with elephant man is indeed "Reggae Bump, Bump",. You've probably already got it but here's the provisional track listing for TP3, its changed a couple of times over the last month so hopefully Kells will spring another suprise!

1.Playas Only ft The Game
2.Happy Sumertime ft Snoop
3.Sex In The Kitchen
4.Slow Wind
5.Put My T-Shirt On
6.Remote Control
7.Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend
8.Reggae Bump,Bump ft Elephant man
9.Touchin' ft Nivea
10.Girls Gon Crazy ft Baby
11.Hit It Til The Morning ft Twista & Do or Die
12.Sex Weed
13.(Sex0 Love Is What We Making
14.Burn It Up ft Wysen and Yindelli
15-19.Trapped In The Closet Chapters 1-5

The Cat has also finished Chapters 6-10 but they wont be available for a long time, I tell U the boy is a monster!

Kells definitely wrote his part on 'So Hot', I mean when in his entire career has he had someone write something for him...Id bet NEVER! ...Its a big song though, its like a 'Hotel for 2005'.

Kells didnt actually produce Wonderful it was a Cat called something Hendrix (I dont know his first name), Id assume that Cat also produced I Wonder too even though they had big trademarks of Kells!

That's seriously messed up about Charlie's ablum cuz I Love 'Charlie,Last Name Wilson' and it was my intention to Cop his album the week after Kells'...Have U heard anything more about Syleena Johnson's?..The One Im really looking forward to though is Tyrese's. That Cat needs to get back in the lab real soon, and leave the movies alone cuz Rob is gonna do some magic for him! Hope we dont have to wait til 2006 for that, although that's the most likely outcome!

Just going back to that 'Pop That Booty' Issue, cuz it has always stumped me...The song smells so much of Kells, his name gets shouted out in it, but on the writing/production credits-nothing! Since uve mentioned the ghostwriting thing its re-opened the case for me, I really need to know how ghostwriting works to put my mind at ease!

Look forward to hearing from U Soon!

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Posted by: gaboman

Syleena Johnson's album doesn't come out until, like, September, I think... still too long.

As for ghost writing, it works in a way that you're not supposed to be 100% on who wrote it or not. Marques Houston did say in an interview once that R. Kelly gave him the song for free, hence why the R's name isn't on it...

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Posted by: Gowian Wright


My Mind is finally at ease...About 2 months ago Marques was in the UK and was being interviewed on the radio...The Cat posing the questions was soo Wack and got no information whatsoever. I tried ringing up to ask him, but didnt get through. I just wanted someone to ask him that exact question and to found out someone did is great!

Talking about Marques, the Cat has come up pretty weak on his sopmore helping...11 tracks, none of particular significance, and 'The Jump Off' isnt even one of them...Big Disappointment!

That's messed up about Syleena, I was looking forward to that hitting stores in August. In saying that have U ever seen the video for 'Hypnotic'?

Ive never heard of the group 'Talent', and apart from 'Everywhere I Go' who sang the songs in the list that U posted (Together We Stand, Celebrity, I Belong, Every Which Way etc).

You've got a really impressive archive on Kells and music in general cuz I checked out your 'audioscrobbler' thing yesterday...All the Big Guns were up in there, Jon B, Gerald, Luther, Stevie...That's definitive RnB right there!!..A cat has got to respect your taste!!!

Holla @ a Scholar!!!

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Posted by: Gowian Wright

Apologies I missed off the 'Isley Brothers' from the summarised list...I cant be disrespecting such LEGENDS like that...Ultimate Props!!!!

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Posted by: gaboman

hahaha yeah, audioscrobbler rules.

All the tracks I posted there were written by R. Kelly and performed by the group Talent. The album wasn't ever really released, but you can get it if you're willing fork out a fortune for it.

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Posted by: gaboman

Can add "Blast Off" by The Isley Brothers to his credits.

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