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Advertising Specifications

INReview supports the following banners types:

Header Banner
Dimensions468 x 60 pixels (width x height)
LocationAbove the fold
FormatsGIF, JPEG, Flash
DescriptionThis is a typical horizontal banner that heads the top of each page and is usually one of the first elements a visitor will see.

Tower Banner
Dimensions120 x 600 pixels (width x height)
FormatsGIF, JPEG, Flash
DescriptionThis vertical banner extends 600 pixel length down the right side of the page. In many cases, this banner is still visible once the user has scrolled further down the page allowing for greater visibility.

Jump Box
Dimensions120 x 120 pixels (width x height)
FormatsGIF, JPEG, Flash
DescriptionThese square ads are presented below the Tower banner at the side of the page. Forum threads usually have no problem surpassing the length of a tower banner and therefore give Jump boxes consistent exposure.

Cinematic Banner
DimensionsVariable x 85 pixels (width x height)
LocationAbove the fold
FormatsFlash only
DescriptionThese banners are located at the head of a page like the Header Banner. The difference is that these banners must be animated in Flash and are not restricted by the same width limitation. Your banner can be as large as 600 pixels in length.

Delivery Lead-time

  • Text link, GIF or JPEG banners: 3 days prior to campaign launch day.
  • Rich media: 7 days prior to campaign launch day for testing and recoding purpose.

    Delivery Instruction

    Submit all creative directly to ad sales, or submit the url where the artwork can be retrieved. For complete details, please refer to the full PDF Media Kit or contact your sales manager.

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