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Why Advertise on INReview?

The collective revenue from industries we cover is HUGE. Take just the Entertainment industry - a topic we cover constantly (movies, television, DVD, etc.): Americans spent $7.7 billion dollars going to the theaters in 2000, as 1.42 billion people sat in front of the silver screen to watch a movie. In the home, sales and rentals of videos pulled in $19.4 billion in revenue in 1999, largely fueled by sales of the increasingly popular DVD format - more than 19 million American familes owned a DVD player today and that number is expected to double in 2002. Perhaps no one can put it better than Universal Home Video President Craig Kornblau, who recently said of DVD sales potential, "It's a beautiful business."

Consider now that INReview caters to the intellect of consumers who take an interest not only in Entertainment, but the Arts, Computers, Health, Recreation, Sports, Science, and any number of other industries that you could possibly imagine making an impact on our very existence. The point is - we cover it all. And "all" of that, adds up to a lot of business and exposure. "All" of which makes INReview increasingly relevant for people who care about how they spend their quality time and money. INReview is one of the best resources for staying in touch with what is hot in today's world. It's the appeal of being able to voice one's opinion (something we all would like to think is valuable) that brings those consumers back again and again and again and ... you get the point.

As an aggregator of premier discussion on the latest and greatest topics in the world today, INReview offers advertisers access to a base of dedicated users in the lucrative Internet space. Readers of INReview come to the site specifically to obtain high quality insight for enjoyment and research. By targeting this natural interest, advertisers have an ideal opportunity to market a broad range of services and products to a highly educated, young, and affluent reader base. A campaign with INReview results in a measurable return on investment while offering a tremendous branding opportunity.

INReview Site Demographics
Age Breakdown12-17 (7.6%)
18-34 (39.9%)
35-54 (44.1%)
Income$25,000 - $74,999 (52.7%)
$75,000 - $149,000 (34.9%)
$150,000+ (7.4%)
EducationSome College (13.5%)
Bachelor or Associate (48.05%)
Post Graduate (23.33%)
Occupation (Professional, Managerial, Technical)52.3%

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