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INReview takes the most popular and relevant topics of the day and presents them to the public to discuss openly. INReview not only serves as a destination for debating your favorite and most passionate topics, but also keeps the visitor in tune with the realities of today.


INReview promotes the publication of open expression, however, We do not subscribe to an anarchic environment. INReview's forums are moderated strictly for quality control resulting in a comfortable atmosphere unrivaled by any other community forum on the Internet. Moderation exists only to the degree where we have have instituted a finely-tuned balance that drives an enjoyable family atmosphere but does not compromise the electricity of heated debates and most importantly, your Freedom of Speech.


INReview's community has jumped by leaps and bounds since the day the site was launched. Here are some of the reasons why people have come to call INReview their home:

"I like it here because you can talk to people of all ages and see many sides of the subjects. Most everyone gets along like family here."
> heather15644

"This board is so different from other ones. More civilized. [Inreview is] a site that is always changing, but it is a place where you are safe to post your opinions without being attacked."
> fuscia

"There seems to be a good cross-section of ages on the forum. The youngest person is around 13 and the oldest that I know of is in her fifties."
> The_Rebel

"I stumbled across INR and have never left. It's a great place, filled with all kinds of people and opinions. It's a safe haven for me."
> KJ

"It's a little overwhelming when you come into a forum with your first post among members who have 1500 posts. I got treated nice, so I wound up staying. The folks with the higher post counts did not talk down to me and treat me like a newbie."
> Whidden

"I love how everybody seems to respect you, how insightful and funny people can be. I seriously feel like I am starting to get to know people although there is a still good deal of privacy and mystery."
> maxwell55

"I've dealt with building, running, and participating in forums for several years, but INReview is by far the most unique and fulfilling forum I've been a part of. The international variety of viewpoints and personalities makes for a diverse experience that I have not found anywhere else."
> Mike James

"InReview keeps the voices out of my head."

"INReview is a place where you feel like home and can't go one day without it. Once you go INReview, you don't go back."
> Chodder

"I was hooked in a day. I love the civil communication. Not only can i have intelluctually stimulating conversations, but i can go to other threads and talk about nonsense."
> defensive

"It has a great atmosphere - there are no huge egos at play, no animosity, and some great discussions!"
> Neodammerung

Do you have something to say about INReview? Tell us and we will do ur best to include your comments on this page!


Beginning in 1997, INReview existed previously as an online creative outlet offering exclusive content for a variety of topics. It was not until the dawn of 2003 that INReview made a drastic change in content delivery focusing on your discussion of the world's hottest topics. Ever changing, constantly growing and evolving, INReview's content stays consistently in touch with modern day trends. INReview's content never goes stale and neither will your experience.


After one year on the net, INReview co-founders Marc Flemming and Sean Kelly sat down to discuss the beginning moments in the history of the site.

How did you came up with the idea to start INReview?

Marc Flemming: At the end of 2002, I had become completely burned out from working on another side project I had started in 1997 that had become a second full-time job. I had covered all I could handle with regards to the topic and when that happens motivation can be difficult to muster. So, I was looking for a new project. We had access to this great domain name that was being utilized as a personal web log, however, we knew there was another level we could take it to. The nature of the domain name is broad enough that its potential in scope is what most attracted me to the possibilities of a long-term interest in the project.

With a few guidelines in place, namely that we wanted to create an environment that largely managed itself and required minimal maintenance (famous last words), a forum for discussion came to mind. The concept of the forum was simple enough to derive from the domain itself and before too long we were off and running working on implementing something completely new. Most of INReview's "character" has since been developed largely by way of the feedback we receive from its members.

Sean Kelly: Yes I recall now the notion of a self-sustaining website - this is also known as "The Holy Grail of Software". Naturally I was instantly drawn to the concept. Of course we never achieved complete automation, and the website has since sucked away a small part of each of our lives which we will never be able to recover, but alas all seems to be going generally according to plan.

INR has gone through several incarnations in the past which were basic design & layout tests, a brief personal weblog on science and technology for about a year, and finally ended up simply being home to my resume. So there we were on Christmas vacation, twiddling our thumbs, dreaming of riches, fast cars and exotic - err - pets. At some point the topic came up, "hey - let's do something with - who cares what. Let's just put up something, ANYTHING, that's even remotely interesting and see what kind of bites we get." That's when we started talking about what's hot and what's not, a self-managing content-driven portal/site and badda bing: Hot Topics up for interactive discussion.

What were your initial expectations?

MF: Based solely on our preparation and understanding of the technology, my own expectations were high, but I can't adequately define what they were. I think with anything like this (an adventure in the use of one's free time), you don't really know what to expect until you just do it.

SK: I recall having zero expectations initially, yet somehow STILL being incredibly disappointed with our performance the first few weeks. It wasn't particularly surprising, really having done no marketing whatsoever at that point, but I could swear that for a while it felt like Sean & Marc's playhouse where we would just talk to each other. How depressing! At any rate, our expectations went up dramatically when we started figuring out just exactly what we should be doing with the site and how to promote it properly to bring the desired traffic.

Did you meet or exceed your expectations?

MF: I'm not completely sure, but I think it's accurate to say we exceeded them. With more than 76,000 registered members in the site's first year, you won't hear me complaining. I'd like to see another 150,000 new members in 2004 - but, don't look for me to hold my breath.

SK: I think we've done fantastic so far and would also like to see continued growth throughout the upcoming year. It's hard to call it in terms of meet/exceed expectations when performance is based on numbers and numbers never really made squarely into our expectations.

How did you let people know about the site?

MF: In conjunction with the normal marketing channels, we utilized technology-based strategies I had picked up as a web developer and operator of a web hosting company. We had engineered a decent means of generating traffic that has, in retrospect, worked out pretty well in a relatively short period of time. If you're curious, it basically comes down to understanding the system and then implementing methods of utilizing that system to its fullest. If you can do that effectively, people with an interest in that topic will come.

How long did it take for people to find the site and start using it regularly?

MF: We had our first regulars within the first month of operation.... are they still here now? I don't know - but if you are - come out and name yourself!

SK: And as you can see, there are still 200+ people a day who are finding the site and signing over their free time to interact in our little multi-cultural community - InReview has solidly become the Melting Pot of the Internet!

Why is the site black and white?

MF: There are a few reasons. Right before I worked on the design, Sean reminded me of a time when Yahoo had removed all of the color from their site for one day in recognition of some event - it may have been the first anniversary of 9/11. I think that merely from a design perspective it left a lasting impression on both of us. I thought that approach would work well with this site because it removed the focus from the structure that holds it together and placed it instead on the content. So I decided to pursue that angle with the design and pumped it out in probably twenty minutes, showed Sean, he grunted in approval (I think) - and that was that. Now that I think about it, he may have just had indigestion. *shrug*

SK: ... as seems to be the case far too often these days. At any rate, indeed. Another consideration was that we wanted to bring added value to any potential advertising clients by providing a design that would serve to enhance the presentation of their ads rather than fight for attention. At the time of design we did not have any solid pre-sales on advertising so we had to anticipate the needs of our clients in advance. What we came up with we felt was beneficial to clients in so much as their full color ads would really pop off the otherwise colorless page, but at the same time not terribly intrusive such that readers would be annoyed by ad positioning when reading content. Initially, even the smiley faces were in black and white! Since then we've taken on several advertising agencies who don't seem to mind the whole color spectrum thing, so Marc has imported a whole army of colorful little fruity faces (no offense to colorful little fruity-faced people! ) as well as a host of holiday and other special forum decorative themes.

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